Residential Design
Interior Design


Residential Design

Hutch approaches Residential Design with an eye to the future while honoring the past. With great attention to detail and keeping with the trends of the trade, Hutch blends time-tested materials, energy efficiency and space planning for a home that’s as functional as it is fabulous. Always striving to meet the client’s needs in the best way possible, he pays special attention to how the home will be lived in and, of course, great design.

After coming up with the program you’re looking for, Hutch develops the schematic design that gets tweaked until it meets client standards. After the final design is approved, construction drawings and interior design are completed and handed out to builders.

If desired, Hutch makes sure to be involved throughout the entire construction process, ensuring that the client’s visions are being achieved.


Whether looking for a homesite, a general assessment for a home purchase or ideas to modify your existing home, Hutch is available to answer your questions. Realtors and builders/developers will also find his ability to highlight a property’s best features and potential a great advantage when deciding how to market a home or lot.

Space Planning

With more and more homeowners wishing to maximize the space they already have, Space Planning has become an increasingly important part of the services offered by WHJ Design. Hutch has worked on several projects where no exterior walls were moved, but the interior spaces were totally transformed. These projects have varied from taking an existing home and reconfiguring the spaces where almost every room has a new function to reconfiguring two condo units into one larger space. Creative and efficient use of existing space for new functions makes for a very exciting and interesting design challenge.

Interior Design

The interior “livable” part of your home is arguably more important than the exterior. When we design a home, the interior is an integral part of the design process and shouldn’t be divorced from the home design itself. With Iris johnson on the team and working closely with her father Hutch, each client has available a design resource meant to address the spaces and style they will make use of most in their every day lives. Our goal is to create comfortable, stylish and tasteful spaces that enhance the lives of the inhabitants and the enjoyment of their residential work of art.